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1. On The Developing Economic Thought Of Ren Bishi
2. A Preliminary Discussion On Ren Bishi's Thought For The Party Building
3. Ren Bishi And The Building Of The Second Front Army Of Red Army
4. A Preliminary Discussion On Ren Bish's Thought For Youth Work
5. The Theory And Practice Of Ren Bishi In Party-building During The Anti-Japanese War Time
6. On Ren Bishi's Theory Of The Ideological And Political Work
7. Ren Bishi 's Contribution To The Theory And Practice Of The Party' S Construction
8. Ren Bishi 's Theory Of Party Construction In The Period Of New Democracy And Its Revelation
9. The Primary Research On Thoughts Of Youth Work Of Ren Bishi And Its Contemporary Value
10. Research About Ren Bishi’s Ideological And Political Work Theory
11. Ren Bishi With The Shanganning Border Region Construction
12. Research On Ren Bishi’s Thought During The Period Of Anti-japanese War
13. Research Of Ren Bishi’s Thoughts On Party Construction
14. Research On Ren Bishi’s Thought Of Party Construction In The Period Of Anti-Japanese War
15. Research Of Ren Bishi’s Party Building Thought
16. Research On Ren Bishi’s Thought And Practice About Party-building During The Period Of Yanan Rectification (1941.5-1945.4)
17. The Research On Ren Bishis Thought Of Promote Marxism Popularization
18. On Ren Bi Shis Thought Of Youth Work
19. Study On Ren Bishis Thought Of Party Spirit
20. Research On The Value Of Ren Bishis Marxist Sinicization Exploration In Yanan Period
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