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Keyword [Secularism]
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1. Research On Right To Freedom Of Religion Of India
2. The Impact Of Religion On Contemporary Politics In India
3. Early Tradition Of Legal Profession In The Middile Ages Of Western Europe
4. The Reasons And Effects Of Political Islam In Modern Turkey
5. India‚Äôs Secularization Policy And Its Modernization Since The Independence
6. The Influence Of The Muslim Brotherhood Emblem On The Development Of The Constitutional Government In Egypt
7. On The Relations Between Egyptian Secular Politics And Religious Politics Since The Beginning Of Mubarak Era
8. Shari'ah and the secular state: Popular support for and opposition to Islamic family law in Senegal
9. The headscarf controversy in Turkey: Secularism versus Islamism
10. Benevolent Secularism: The Emergence and Evolution of the Religious Politics of Democracy in Ireland, Senegal, and the Philippines
11. Legislative terrorism: A primer for the non-Islamic state secularism and different believers (Sweden)
12. Self-fulfilling prophecies: Dogmatic secularism and political Islam in international conflict
13. A pre-history of Indian secularism: Categories of nationalism and communalism in emerging definitions of India, Bombay presidency c. 1893--1932
14. Science, rationalism and positivism as the basis of secularism and the disestablishment of Islam: A comparative study of Turkey and Iran
15. Modernity, secularism, and the political in Ira
16. Performative socialization in world politics: Islamism, secularism, and democracy in Turkey and Egypt
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