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Keyword [Sentencing recommendations]
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1. Research On The Power To Sentencing Recommendations Of Prosecution
2. On The Exercise Of Sentencing Recommendations From Procuratorate
3. On The Sentencing Procedures In Capital Cases
4. Study On Legal Issues In Sentencing Recommendation System Of Procuratorial Organ
5. Perfect Our Country Sentencing Recommendations System Thinking
6. The Analysis Of The Sentencing Recommendation System In Procuratorate Office
7. Sentencing Recommendations System Research
8. A Study On Some Problems Of Sentencing Proposal System
9. On The Right Of The Prosecution's Sentencing Recommendations
10. Institutionalization Of Sentencing Recommendation
11. Sentencing Recommendations For The Construction Of The System Of The Rational Thinking
12. A Study Of The Standardization Of Sentencing Recommendations For Procuratorial Organs
13. The Sentencing Of The Right's Perfect
14. Procuratorial Dilemma And The Operation Of Power System Design
15. On Our Country‚Äôs Procuratorial Organs Sentencing Recommendations System
16. An Empirical Analysis Of Sentencing Recommendations
17. Theory Of Criminal Victims Sentencing Recommendations
18. Concerning The Procuratorial Organsperfect The System Of The Sentencing Ecommendations
19. Sentencing Recommendation Right In China
20. Tempering Criminal Judicial Policy In Theprosecution Right For Exercise
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