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1. The Construction Of The New Chinese Government System And The Soviet Factor (1949-1954)
2. The Research On Stalin's Concept Of National Interests
3. Stalin International Political Theory, Research, And Diplomatic Strategy
4. Chinese Communist Party Of The Soviet Model, Understanding Of Evolution (1949-1976)
5. The Soviet Union Model's Evolution And The World Socialism Development Research
6. Study Of The Legitimacy Of CPSU's During Stalin's Reining Period
7. Development Of The Stalin Model Expanded In China
8. An Attempt To Discuss The Historical Lessons Of Appraising Stalin For The CPSU
9. On Stalin's Way Of Thinking
10. Research Mao Ze-dong's Appraisal On Stalin After The 20th Representative Conference Of The Soviet Communist Party
11. Look At Lenin Old Age Nationality View From Lenin And Stalin About The National Question Argument
12. On Stalin's Philosophy
13. The Historical Destiny Of Stalin And His Thought In China
14. Research On Stalin's View On Marxism
15. On Liu Shaoqi's Role In Developing The Sino-Soviet Relationship Around The Founding Of The PRC
16. Lenin And Stalin's View Of Science Inquisition
17. The National Policy Of Stalin
18. Also In 1926-in 1928 Stalin Discusses The Chinese Revolution
19. The Research Of Mao Zedong's Visiting The Soviet Union For The First Time
20. A Comparative Study Of The Soviet Union 's Intervention In Boeing In 1956
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