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1. Research On Qualification Of Plaintiff In Administrative Litigationin China
2. The Imputation Principle Of Traffic Accident And The Constitutive Elements Of Traffic Accident Crime
3. Research On Several Problems About Crime Of Manufacturing Or Selling Fake And Inferior Products
4. From The "Ting Xu Case" To See The Subjective Elements Of Theft
5. The Research On Elements Of Terrorism Crimes
6. On The Compensation For Medical Damage
7. Study Of The Subjective Elements Of The Joint Tort Liability
8. Protecting And Conniving Mafia Crime Subjective Elements Of The Problems, Research And Analysis
9. Because Liberty Research
10. Qualitative Analysis Of Criminal Law Of The Passing Behavior
11. Legal Issues Associated With Causing Death Due To The Drivers Force To Rush The Toll Stations
12. On The Purpose Of Illegal Possession "of The Criminal Law
13. Drunken Driving Accident Case Judicial Determination
14. The Proof Of Mens Rea Of A Crime
15. Research On Several Problems Of The Crime Of Swindling By False Pretences
16. On The Essence And Construction Of The Aggravated Consequential Offence
17. Study On The Intention Of Illegal Possession Of Acquisitive Crime Against Property
18. From"9ยท8Mine" Case Related Legal Problem Analysis
19. The Judgment Of Substantive Law Violation
20. The Qualification Of Hurting Others For Committing Suicide With Poisoning
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