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Keyword [The "color revolution"]
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1. A Study On The Development Of Capitalism From The Perspective Of Scientific And Technological Revolution
2. A Study Of Mao Zedong 's Thought On Farmers' Reform In The Period Of New Democratic Revolution
3. A Study Of Marx 's Revolutionary Thought
4. Chinese Communists' Understanding And Practice Of Traditional Culture In The Period Of New - Democratic Revolution
5. The Theoretical Argument Of The Second International And The Division Of Marxism
6. The Democratic Thought And Contemporary Value In Marx 's Revolutionary Framework
7. Authority And Order In The Change Of Village Governance
8. A Theoretical Study Of "Neo-communism" Of French Communist Party
9. The Research Of Complex Economic System Revolution Modeling
10. Research On Innovation Of Enterprise Organization Architecture Under New Technology Revolution
11. The Policies Of The Communist International Towards China And Its Impacts On Chinese Revolution Over The Period Of 1926-1935
12. Research On The Theory Of Save-water Ecological Agriculture System And Institutional Revolution
13. Study Of The Theory And Practice Of People's Democratic Revolution Of The CPI(M)
14. A Study Of The Evolution Of The CPC's Policies About The Intelligentsia
15. The Philosophical Subject Of Marx's Human Emancipation
16. The History Of England Taxation Law
17. During The Period Of Democratic Revolution Communist Party Of China's Regime Thought Studies
18. Inquiring Into And Analyzing Mao Zedong Thought For Investigation And Research
19. Handicap Between Theory Of Rule And Circumstance Of Nation
20. The Study Of The Early-period Ideas Of Political Power For The Communist Party Of China (1920-1927 Years)
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