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Keyword [Township Government]
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1. A Study On The Building Of Service-oriented Township Governments In China
2. The Process Of Urbanization In The Study Of The Functions Of Township Government
3. The Study On Public Service Performance And Assessment System For Township Governments Under Local Governance Perspective
4. Strategy Principle And The Maintaining State
5. View Of Political Development Of Township Government Reform
6. Nationality Townships And Government Management Studies
7. Township Government Functions Under The Governance Theory Perspective Study
8. The Reorientation Of The Relation Between Township Enterprise And Township Government In China
9. Minimum Demand On Public Finance For Township Government: Case Study On Shi Lianzi Township, Shandong Province
10. Studies On The Rural Grass-roots Organization's Reform Of The New Era In China
11. Research And Practice On China's Township Reform
12. Analysis Of The Function Of Township Government In The Process Of Modernization
13. A Case Study: Orientating Functions And Innovating Institution Of The Township Government In Shaoxing
14. The Villages And Towns Government Function Orientation In The Period Of "Zero Tax"
15. On Chinese Township Government Function Adjustment In The Agricultural "Zero Taxes And Levies" Period
16. Research On The Administrative System Reform Of Township
17. Research On Structure Of "Township Government And Villager Autonomy"
18. The Study On The Establishment Of Public Services Oriented Township Government And The Distribution Of Administration Resources
19. On The Relations Of Township Government And Villager Committee In Villagers' Autonomy
20. Functional Transition Of Township Government In After-Agricultural-Tax Times
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