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1. A Study Of The Cyprus Problem, 1878-2000
2. From Cooperation To Conflict: The Degradation Mechanisms Of International Relations
3. The Study On Turkish Government's "East Turkistan" Policy
4. A Study On The Marginalization Of Immigrants In Germany (1960s - Present)
5. "Turkey Model" Research
6. Islam And The Contemporary Turkish Party Politics
7. Turkish-israeli Military Cooperation Relations
8. During The Cold War. Turkish Relations With Iran
9. Transformation Of The Turkish Diplomacy
10. Analysis Of The Factors That Affect The Relations Between Israel And Turkey
11. Britain And After The Second World War, The Turkish Security Issues (1945-1952)
12. A Turkish Village Harmonious Development Of Case Studies
13. Examination Of The Relationship Between Turkey’s Ruling“Justice And Development Party (AK Party Or AKP)” And The Mass Media In Turkey(2002-2016)
14. The Origin Of The Turkish Constitutional Government
15. Turkish Citizen Social Studies
16. "the Turkish Model Of Turkey's Middle East Diplomacy" Impact Study
17. Studies On The Histoircal Evolution Of Turkish Political Model(1923-2013)
18. Analysis Of Turkish Perceptions Through Turkish-Chinese Diplomatic And Economic Relations
19. A Research On The Transformation Of Turkish Foreign Policy Under The Justice And Development Party
20. Turkish Military Intervention And Political Modernization Since 1960
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