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Keyword [U.S.-China Relations]
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1. The Political Roles Of Multinational Corporations In U.S.-China Relations Of 1990s
2. U.s. Private Foundations And The Us-china Relations - On The International Political Socialization
3. Local Factors On American Foreign Policy
4. The Copenhagen Climate-Change Conference: An Analysis Of U.S-China Relations In The Media
5. The Global Finacial Grisis And The Transformation Of The U.S.-China Relations
6. Reconsidering U.S-Sino Relations:A Comparative Analysis Of The Influence And Political Thought Processes Of Nixon And Carter
7. The Normalization Of U.S.-China Relations From Carter Administration's Diplomatic Strategy
8. Liberal Imperialism: The Rise and Fall of Liberal Internationalism in U.S.-China Relations and the Origins of the Cold War, 1898-1945
9. The policy role of the U.S. State Department in U.S.-China relations 1969--1971
10. From enmity to rapprochement: Grand strategy, power politics, and U.S.-China relations, 1961--1974
11. Regulating Cyber Space: An Examination of U.S.-China Relations
12. From 'ping-pong diplomacy' to 'hoop diplomacy': Yao Ming, globalization, and the cultural politics of U.S.-China relations
13. Water Security: U.S.- China Relations
14. Identities Among Nations: Power and Politics in U.S.-China Relations
15. Congressand China Policy
16. An Analysis On Trump Administration's Strategy Of Maximum Pressure On China
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