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1. Research On The Foreign Policy Of The Post-independent Uzbekistan
2. American Surrounding Strategy Towards Russia From The Perspective Of NATO's Eastward Expansion After The Cold War
3. The Analysis Of "New Cold War" Between America And Russia
4. Penetration Of The United States Into The Centeral Asia And Measures Of Russia And China For Safeguarding Their Interests In The Central Asia After The Cold War
5. The Big Game And Small Game Of Central Asia And Outside Region Of Caucasus
6. On The Growth And Decline Of Forces Of Russia And The United States In The CIS Region And The Profound Casuses In The Recent Years
7. The Impact Of Ukrainian Crisis On US - Russian Relations
8. The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict And The Involvement Of World Powers
9. The Analysis Of US Policy Towards Russia In The Context Of The Ukraine Crisis
10. The "color Revolution" Was Blocked In Central Asia And Its Causes Were Analyzed
11. A Comparative Study Of International Information Security Legislation
12. The Balancing Policy Of The United States Towards Russia(2000-2018)
13. The Competition Between US And Russia In Syria’s Chemical Weapon Crisis
14. The Study Of US Economic Sanctions Against Russia(2014-2019)
15. Soft power as the new norm: How the Chinese-Russian strategic partnership (soft) balances American hegemony in an era of unipolarity
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