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1. The Political Consequences Of The American War On Terror In Afghanistan (1998-2008).
2. Bush Anti-terrorism Discourse Analysis
3. A Study On The Conflict And Harmony Of The U.S. Civil-military Relations
4. A Study On The Conflict And Harmony Of The U.s. Civil-military Relations
5. Building From The U.s. "war On Terror" Anti-terrorism International Law
6. Iran, Eurasia From The U.s. Strategic Perspective
7. The War On Terror In Afghanistan And Pakistan's Security Policy Change - Motivation, Impact And Assessment
8. A Probe Into The Strategy Of "Striking The Islamic State" By The United States And Its Enlightenment
9. "9.11" After The US Foreign Military Decision-making In The Public Opinion
10. Chomsky's International Political Thought
11. Increased Anti-Americanism In Pakistan And Its Implications For Regional Peace:a Post9·11Study
12. Study On The Roles Of NGOS For Socioeconomic Development In Conflict Affected Tribal Areas During War On Terror In Pakistan
13. "Freedom" In George W. Bush Administration’s War On Terror
14. The Viewpoint Of Energy Considerations Behind The Us War On Terror
15. The U.s. Counterterrorism Words After The "9 · 11" To Build And Use
16. The Legitimacy Of The Use Of Drones On Battlefield
17. Pakistan’s Counter-terrorism Stratrgy:Its Security Implications For China
18. A Study Of U.S Foreign Policy Towards Afghanistan During 1979-2010
19. Countering Internal Threats
20. Horror Theater And Anti-terrorist Illusion
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