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1. A Study On The Innovation Of The Administrative System In The Shanxi - Gansu - Ningxia Border Region During The Anti - Japanese War
2. Study Of Chinese Forestry Industry Administrative System
3. On The State Administration System With Chinese Characteristics
4. An Economic Research On Integrated Marine Manegement--Study Of Innovation Of Integrated Marine Administrative System
5. On The Contemporary Administrative System Of The China's Leaders
6. Research Into Reforming The System Of Administrative License In China
7. Study On Administrative System Innovations In Anhui Province
8. A Study On The Construction Of Administrative Ability Of County's Party Committee
9. Research On Low Cost Administrative Management Mechanism In Our Country
10. A Study On "Administration Going To The Countryside" And Legal Administration
11. The Study Of Russian Administrative Reformation During Transforming Period
12. Intergovernmental Relations: Power Allocation And Local Governance
13. On Government Performance Evaluation's Efficiency
14. The Changes Of State Governance Under The Market-oriented Economic Reform In China
15. China's Telecommunications Industry Development And Institutional Change (1949-2000)
16. Communist Party Of China Led By The Local Government Administrative Systems Research
17. Chinese State-owned Assets Management System Study
18. The Process Of Economic Integration In The Regional Administrative System And Innovation
19. Studies On Chinese Transportation And Its Administrative System
20. A Deep Research On Reducing The Stated-Owned Shares
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