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1. Research On Legal Problems Of Affiliated Enterprise Bankruptcy
2. Research On The Legal Institutions Of Affiliated Enterprise Bankruptcy
3. The Research Of The Law System Of Transfer Pricing
4. Research On The Tactics To Imporve Performance In University-Affiliated Enterprises
5. Laws And Regulations On International Affiliated Enterprise And Intercourse
6. The Study On Equitable Subordination Rule Of The Creditor's Rights Of Controlling Company
7. The Research On Substantive Consolidation Doctrine When The Affiliated Enterprise In Bankruptcy
8. Study On Evading Taxation With Transfer Pricing In Multinational Affiliated Enterprises
9. Study On The Creditor's Protection System For Affiliated Company
10. Study On Legal Control Of Multinational Affiliated Enterprise's Transfer Pricing
11. Study On Protection Of Minority Shareholders Of Subordinate Company In Affiliated Enterprise
12. Subsidiary Company Creditor Of Affiliated Enterprise Protection Study
13. Regulations For Affiliated Enterprises In Corporation Law
14. The Legal Control Of The Credit Risk Of Affiliated Enterprises
15. Related Party Transactions Status And Regulation Of Listed Companies
16. Study Of A Number Of Legal Issues Related Party Transactions Within Financial Holding Company
17. Subordinate Creditors Of The Company And The Legal Protection Of Minority Shareholders. Of Affiliated Companies
18. Multinational Enterprises Transfer Pricing Legal Research
19. On Legal Protection Of Creditors Of The Dependent Company
20. Associated Companies Companies Regulatory System
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