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1. An Empirical Research On The Pricing Of The Convertible Bonds Market In China
2. An Empirical Research About The Efficiencies Of The Futures Markets In China
3. An Empirical Research Of The Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Intellectual Capital And Venture Growth In Small And Medium Hi-tech Enterprises
4. Influencing Factors And Evolvement Paths Of Value Of M&A: An Empirical Research On Chinese Listed Companies
5. Hi-tech Products Export And Economic Growth: An Empirical Research Based On Institutional Arrangement
6. An Empirical Research On Mode Of Small-Medium Enterprises Of Zhejiang Provice
7. An Empirical Research Of The Contribution Of The Development Of China's Finance Sector To The Growth Of China's Economy
8. An Empirical Research On The Insurance Market Structure, Conduct And Performance Of China
9. An Empirical Research On The Special Treatment (ST) Companies' CEO Turnover
10. An Empirical Research On Value-relevance Of Financial Accounting Standard Changing In China
11. An Empirical Research On Tech-Innovation Performance Of Small And Medium Enterprises
12. An Empirical Research On Correlation Between Ownership Structure And Corporate Performance Of Chinese Listed Companies
13. An Empirical Research On The Relationship Between The Capical Structure And Marcket Value Of Competitve Listed Firms--Empirical Research Based On Listed Firms In Tele Communication And Computer Line
14. An Empirical Research On Herding Behavior Of Securities Investment Funds And It's Impact On Stock Prices In China
15. An Empirical Research On Effects Of Financial-Industrial Integration On The Non-financial Stock Companies
16. An Empirical Research On Factors Influencing Stock Returns Of Listed Companies In China
17. An Empirical Research On Human Resource Management Professionals' Competencies In China's Enterprises
18. An Empirical Research On Cash Dividend In Chinese Listed Companies
19. The Bearing Of Relational Benefits,Quality Of Relationship And Customer Behavior: An Empirical Research Of Restarrant
20. An Empirical Research On The Relationship Between Several Factors Of Stock Market And Economic Growth In China
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