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1. An Analysis Of The Logical Behaviors Of Australia After World War
2. Discourse Practice And Changes In Ethnic And State Relations
3. An Analysis Of Singapore 's Political Model With One Party' S Major Political Party System And Limited Political Competition
4. Research On The Development Of Rural Middle - Income Group In China During The Period Of Reform
5. A Study On The Development Of Socialist Democratic Politics With Chinese Characteristics
6. Western Marxist Class Theory And Its Contemporary Value
7. A Study On The Interactive Relationship Between North And South Of Korean Peninsula
8. Competency Allocation And Institutional Revenue: Political And Economic Analysis Of Institutional Change In The Asia - Pacific Region After The Cold War
9. An Empirical Analysis Of The Crime In The Process Of Urbanization
10. Study On The Key Problems Of Farmers' Participation In Rural Community Construction In
11. Constructing A New Order Of Contemporary Chinese Society - A Philosophical Study
12. A Critical Analysis Of The View Of Legal Rights And The Reconstruction Of Right Theory
13. An Analysis Of The Modernization Of State Administration (System)
14. Jurisprudential Analysis Of Anti - Sex Discrimination
15. Research On Anti - Corruption Of Sports
16. An Analysis Of Trade And Human Rights In The Framework Of WTO
17. The Study On Intelligent Forecasting And Decision Of Stocks And Its Application
18. Institutional Analysis Of The Economic Growth Mode Transformation
19. Quantitative Analysis On Fluctuations Of The Stock Market In China
20. Analysis And Defending Of The Risk In Non-Bank Financial Institutes During The Transitional Period
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