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1. Research On China's Authorized Legislation
2. Analysis Of Authorized Legislation In Revenue In China
3. On The Legitimacy Of Authorized Legislation
4. Comparative Research On Authorized Legislation System Of China And Western Countries
5. Study On The Nature Of Administrative Legislation
6. The Research On Authorized Legislation And The Supervision
7. Analysis On Authorized Legislation Of Special Economic Zones
8. On The Appointment Of Legislation
9. On The Authorization Of The Legislative System
10. Tax Authorized Legislative Problems And Countermeasures
11. On The System Of Supervision Of Delegated Legislation
12. On The Development, Problems And Perfection Of Authorized Legislation In China
13. A Research On The Legislation Of The Special Economic Zone
14. An Analysis On The Legislation Of The Authorized Legislation Clauses In Legal Texts
15. China’ S House Property Tax Legislation Power Research
16. The Constitutional Regulation Of Authorized Legislation In China
17. Authorized Legislation System Research
18. Research On Authorized Legislation Of "First Exercise And First Try"
19. Study On Tax Enabling Legislation In China
20. Analysis Of Tax Enabling Legislation In China
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