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1. Research On Promoting Government Affairs Openness At The Grassroots Level From The Perspective Of Big Data
2. The Research Of China's Aircraft Financing Leasing Registration System
3. Research On The Legal Issues Of Digital Bills Based On Blockchain Construction
4. The Blockchain Introduces Administrative Regulations For The Traceability Of Food Information
5. Research On Legal Issues Of Internet Commercial Factoring In China
6. The Basic Logic And System Construction Of China's Corporate Bonds Issuance Under Blockchain Technology
7. Research On Supervision Over Online Live Streaming Platform From The Perspective Of Economic Law
8. Research On Legal Problems Of Block Chain Cross-border Payment
9. Research And Design Of Information Resource Directory System Based On Blockchain Technology
10. Studies On Reconstruction Of China's Securities Legal System Adaptative To Blockchain Application
11. The Contract Law For Linking Contract Provisions Of Smart Contract
12. The Criminal Law Issues Of Block Chain Financial
13. Research And Design Of Personnel Life System Based On Blockchain
14. Research On The Legal Issues Of China's Blockchain Technology In Financial Application
15. A Study On Legal Issues Of Digital Currency
16. Research On The Legal Supervision Of Blockchain Finance In China
17. Research And Design Of Will Security Deposit System Based On Blockchain Technology
18. Research On Patent-eligibility Of FinTech-Related Business Methods
19. Research On "Blockchain+Electronic Evidence Preservation" System
20. Research On Drug Control Intelligence Work Based On The Supervision And Related Investigation Of Precursor Chemicals
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