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1. The Changes Of The Geopolitical Pattern In Central Asia And Xinjiang's Security And Development After The Cold War
2. On Two Major Factors Affecting The Stability In Central Asia: Islam And The Country Compete
3. The New International Pattern Of The Five Central Asian Country
4. Five Central Asian Countries And China's Social Policy And Social Issues Research
5. Study Of The Process Of Modern Nation In Central Asia
6. During The Cold War, Russia And The United States In The Three Countries In Central Asia Policy. Comparative Study
7. U.s. Military Strategy In Central Asia Study
8. On The Certainty And Uncertainty Of The U.S. Strategy In Central Asia
9. Research, The Friendly Exchanges Between China And Central Asia
10. Geo-political Vision Of Ethnic Issues In Central Asia On China's Ethnic Relations In Xinjiang
11. A Study On The United States' Central Asia Strategy
12. The Post-cold War U.s. Aid Policy In Central Asia Studies
13. Analyses Of America's New Strategy In Central Asia
14. On The Ethnic Problem And Ethnic Policy Of The Five Central Asian Countries And Their Impacts
15. Cultural Study On National Problem Of Central Asia
16. "Shanghai Cooperative Organization" And Security In Central Asia Area
17. Study On US Policy In Central Asia Before And After September 11
18. Analyze The Policy Of The United States In Central Asia After The "9·11" Event
19. Study On Terrorism Crime Of Central Asia And Social Stability Of Xinjiang
20. The Safety And Stability Of Central Asia & The Role Of The United States After The "9·11"
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