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1. The Conviction Of The Accomplices' Cognition Error In Fact
2. The Study Of Confirming The Amount Of The Fake Painting Wen Qiang Take As Bribe
3. Theory Of Theft And Embezzlement Boundaries
4. Study On The Issue Of The Cognition Factor Of The Criminal Intention
5. On The Act Of Disposition In Crime Of Fraud
6. The Determination Analysis Of Exchanging Property With Illegally Obtained Consumption Scores
7. On Cognition Error Of The Amount In Theft
8. Research On The Legal Nature Of Property To Defraud Children’s Behavior
9. On The Object Of Justifiable Defense
10. Research On The Victim's Fault In The Crime Of Fraud
11. Liu's Virtual Trading Platform Fraud Case Study
12. On "violation Of State Regulations" In Criminal Law
13. Normative Interpretation And Practice Of Illegal Cognition Error
14. Research On The Error Of Illegality And The Judgment Of Its Inevitability
15. China's Dilemma And Countermeasures For The Principle Of "Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse"
16. On The Cognition Error Of Illegality In Our Criminal Law
17. Research On The Cognition Error Of Illegality From The Perspective Of Criminal Law In China
18. Application Of The Illegal Cognition In The Cases Of "True Crime For False Gun"
19. The Influence Of Illegality Cognition Error On Conviction And Sentencing
20. Research On The Victim's Cognitive Error In The Crime Of Fraud
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