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1. The Theory Of Civil Society, Political State And Development Of Law: The Epitome Of Max's Idea
2. Constructing Common Interests: A Perspective In The Studies Of China-ASEAN Relations
3. Identity Research, The Concept Of Responsibility: China's International Responsibility
4. Common Interests, Mutual Reliance
5. Strategic Choice Of The China, USA And Japan In The East Asian Region And Formation Of The East Asia Cooperation Mechanism
6. International Politics Moral Construction Research
7. Dilemma Of Security In Sino-Japanese Relationship
8. Study On The Value Of The Thoughts Of Marx's Community
9. The Structural Contradictions Of Sino-Japanese Relations And Its Solution
10. Science And Technology Diplomacy Under The Era Of Globalization: Theory And Practice
11. On The Principle Of Human Common Interests In Private International Law
12. To Explore The Common Interests Of China And The United States In The Asia-pacific Security Field To Promote Sino-us Relations Improved
13. Study Of The Environment In Administrative Litigation
14. Innovative Research On Cross-regional Administrative System
15. Damages Fund System Research
16. Interests, Institutions, Ideas,
17. The Common Interests Of Husband And Wife Are Common
18. The Research On Similarities And Differences Of Sino-Russia' Interests Under The Frame Of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization
19. Sino-Japanese Relations In The Post-Cold War Security Dilemma Research
20. Smart Power Foreign Affairs Of The United States
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