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1. A Study On Illegal Causative Behavior In Criminal Proceedings
2. On Confession
3. The Basis Of Ultimate Facts
4. Study On Evidential Agreement
5. Study On Evidence System In Ancient China And Its Motivation
6. Confessions Theory,
7. On Oral Confession
8. A Forensic Psycholinguistic Analysis Of Deceptive Confession Discourse
9. The Study On Oral Confession
10. Extort A Confession By Torture Ration Is It Study To Determine The Nature
11. On The Cause, Harm And Procedure Control To Extort A Confession By Torture
12. A Disquisition On Confession Rules Of Civil Procedure Law
13. Research On The Rules Of Confession
14. A Study On The Present Situation And Perfection Of Criminal Suspects' Human Rights Protection
15. On Rules Regulating The Corroborative Evidence Of Confession
16. Analysis Of Present Situation And Causes Of Extorting A Confession By Torture
17. The Exclusionary Rule Of Illegally Obtained Confession
18. A Study On The Problems Of Confession
19. Study On The Rules Of Confession
20. Study On Confession
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