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1. A Study On The Present Situation And Perfection Of Criminal Suspects' Human Rights Protection
2. On Defense Of Human Rights For Criminal Suspects
3. The Study Of The Human Rights Protection Of Crime Suspects During The Invesgation Process In Our Country
4. The Survey On Synchronous Audio And Video Recordings For The Whole Process Of Interrogation
5. On The Case Of The Death Penalty Criminal Suspects, Defendants And Their Lawyers To Defend The Right Of Procedural Safeguards
6. On Questioning In The Investigation Of Criminal Suspects The Protection Of Human Rights
7. Legal Analysis On Human Rights Protection Of Criminal Suspect In China
8. Investigation Process Criminal Suspects A Juvenile Right Of Action To Protect People's Research
9. Research Of Procedural Rights Protection For Criminal Suspects
10. A Research On The Investigation Interrogation
11. On The Protection Of Suspect's Right On The Stage Of Investigating And Inquiring In Our Country
12. The Right To Know Of Criminal Suspects And Defendants
13. To Adopt Character Evidence In Restorative Justice System For Juveniles
14. On The Criminal Investigation Phase Of Protecting The Rights Of Criminal Suspects
15. The Research Of The Criminal Suspects' Rights And Interests Protection
16. Research On The System Of Suspect's Right To Know
17. Perspective On The Constitutional Protection Of Human Rights Of Criminal Suspects
18. On The Prosecution Phase Of The Suspect's Right To Know
19. Analysis Of Criminal Suspect's Subject Position In The Investigation Phase
20. Procedure Of Investigation Protection Of The Rights Of Criminal Suspects
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