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1. Study On Agriculture Resource' Modernized Management And Sustainable Use
2. Study On The Quality Utilization Of The Cultivated Land Resource In Fujian Province
3. The System Of Prime Farmland Protection Planning Based On Integrating GIS With Decision-making Models
4. Study On The Land Type Classification Of Wanbailin District Of Taiyuan City And Its Application To Cultivated Land Classification
5. Research On Grain For Green Policy In Hebei Province
6. Study On The Theory And Techniques Of Cultivated Land Valuation
7. Cultivated Land Resources And Grain Security
8. Practice And Countermeasures Of China's Western Minority Areas (grass)
9. Evaluation And Countermeasure On Sustainable Utilization Of The Cultivated Land Resources
10. Positive Study On The Protection Of Cultivated Land Of Suffered Area
11. Studies Of The Cultivated Land Quality And Exploitation In Lang Qi Island
12. Comprehensive Evaluation For Land Adjustment Potential
13. Returning Cultivated Land For Planting Trees And Grass And Target System Research About Sustainable Development In Rural Areas
14. Study On The Dynamics Of Cultivated Land Conversion In Urban Fringe
15. Study On The Dynamics Of Cultivated Land Quality
16. Study On "Reconverting Cultivated Land Into Forest And Grassland" And Alleviating Poverty In The Western Area Of China
17. Zonation And Evaluation On Sustainable Utilization Of Cultivated Land Resources In Fujian Province
18. Study On Farme40r Household Cultivated Land Use And Cultivated Land Non-agriculture In Huaihua City
19. The Contributing Ratio Of Natural Factor And Socio-economic Factor To The Quality Of Cultivated Land
20. Study On The Temporal And Spatial Changes And The Driving Factors Of The Cultivated Land In Zhangye Oasis
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