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1. On The Compensation For Infringement Damage
2. Jurisprudential Study Of Corporate Governance
3. Thesis On Damages And Compensation For Vessel-Source Pollutions
4. A Study On The Jurisprudence Of "the Principles Of International Commercial Contracts"
5. The Research On The Liability Of Medical Tort
6. Damages For Breach Of Contract: An Economic Analysis
7. Evolution Of Modern Tort Law Under The Influence Of Liability Insurance
8. Study Of Damages For Emotional Distress In Anglo-American Law
9. Study On The Disgorgement Damages For Breach Of Contract In Anglo-American Law Of Contracts
10. The Research On The Tort Liability For Damages Caused By Aircraft To Third Parties
11. The Applicable Law Of Damages For Breach Of International Commercial Contract
12. Several Legal Issues On Recognition And Enforcement Of Foreign Arbitral Awards
13. On System Of Remedies For Patent Infringement In The U.S.
14. Economic Analysis Of Tort Law
15. A Study On Victim-Offender Mediation System
16. The Influence Of Fault To The Scope Of Damages Under No-fault Liability In Tort Law
17. The Research On China's Intellectual Property Statutory Damages
18. Research On Punitive Damages
19. Research On The Legal System Of Criminal Damages Compensation
20. On The Professional Liability Of Architect
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