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1. Administrative Proceedings The Main Theory
2. Comparative Law Perspective, The Criminal Law Is Not Retroactive To The Principles Of Constitutional Analysis
3. Research On The Protection Of Defendant's Rights In The United States
4. Study On Burden Of Proof Of The Defendant
5. On The Procedures Following The Defendant's Pleading Guilty,
6. Understanding And Application Of The Creditor Right Of Rescission
7. Investigation Of Criminal Summary Procedure
8. Research On The Protection Of Defendant's Human Rights In The Criminal Procedure
9. Discussions On Certain Problems Of Administrative Litigation When Public Security Agency Acts As Defendant
10. The Plan On Criminal Victim Procedural Right Protection
11. Demur Of The Defendant In The Suit Of Patent Tort
12. The System About The Right To Silence
13. A Study On The Defendant Status Of The Administrative Litigation
14. The Construction Of Trial By Default In Criminal Lawsuit Of Our Country
15. Thesis On The Defendant's Selection Of Criminal Process
16. Research On Protection Of Human Rights On The Criminal Suspect And Defendant
17. Research On The Several Legal Issues Of Defendant Status Of The Administrative Litigation
18. Research On The Legal Issues Of The Corporation Dissolution
19. Reasonable Regulation On The Commencement Of Retrial Procedure Unfavorable To The Defendant
20. On The Confirmation Standard Of Administrative Litigation Defendants In Our Country
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