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1. Study On Decision Making Theory And Method Of Disaster Relief Materials Logistics Based On Natural Disasters
2. Raising Reserve Scheduling Delivery: Logistics Management On Anti-disaster Relief Supplies
3. Contemporary International Relief System Is A Comparative Study
4. In 1978 Chinese Disaster Relief Donation
5. Research On The Distribution Model Of Disaster Relief Fund For Peasants To Build Houses In Huaxian, Shaanxi
6. Cooperation Mechanism Between Chinese Government And Non-governmental Organizations In Disaster Relief
7. On Legal Subjects Of Disaster Relief Donations Recipient
8. The Constraints Research In Disaster Relief Management Of China Government
9. The Ethics Ponders That Wen-chuan Earthquake
10. Tax Law Predicament And Countermeasures Of Charitable Trust
11. On Protection Of Sovereignty Of Disaster-stricken Countries In International Disaster Relief
12. Study On The Cooperative Mechanism Between The Government And Non-governmental Organizations In The Field Of Disaster Relief In Our Country
13. The Research On Voluntary Organization Participating In Disaster Relief
14. The Process And Mechanism Of Disaster Relief, Reconstruction And Development To Poverty-stricken Communities
15. Study On The Rural Grass-roots Organization Staff's Post Crimes
16. The Research Of Non-Governmental Organization Participate Into Disaster Relief
17. A Study On The Disaster Relief In Harbin Red Cross And The Countermeasures
18. Legal System For Disaster Prevention Research
19. Disaster Relief Cooperation In Asia: China Foreign Harmonious Philosophy And Practice
20. Military Involvement In Sudden-onset Natural Disaster Relief Logistics Support Research
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