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1. Competence Standardization Competition And Water Distribution Of International Rivers
2. A Study On The Distribution Rules Of Burden Of Proof
3. The Shaping Of Political Parties In Long - Term Ruling Conditions
4. Competency Allocation And Institutional Revenue: Political And Economic Analysis Of Institutional Change In The Asia - Pacific Region After The Cold War
5. A Study On Mandatory Management System Of Civil Execution
6. Research On The Development Of China's Science And Technology Lndustrial Park
7. Research For The Manufacturing System With Large Material Flow Engineering Project And Its Resource Scheming
8. The Research On Economic Growth And Income Distribution
9. Study On The Urban Distribution In Ecological Economic Region
10. Commercial Bank Risk Management Basic Reserarch And System Development Based On Value-at-Risk
11. A Research Into The Issue Of Personal Income Distribution In China
12. The Analysis And Research On The Theory And Practice Of The Policies On The Agriculture Industry
13. Land System In The Process Of Urbanization
14. A Study On The Distribution In The Corporate Law
15. Socialist Theory Of Income Distribution And System Of Income Distribution In The Primary Stage Of Socialism
16. Stable Distribution AndPortfolio Research
17. Study On River Water Rights And Yellow River Water Market
18. Analysis On China's Feed Grain Market
19. The Personal Income Distribution And Economic Development In China
20. Theoretical Studies Of Highway Network Toll And Distribution Of Toll Sum
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