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1. Efficient Market Hypothesis And Full Disclosure Of Information
2. The New Theory Of The Stock Market--Anomalies And Mechanism Of Fluctuation In The Stock Market Based On Ambiguous Uncertainty
3. The Research On Hidden Pattern Mining Of Financial Time Series & Its Application
4. Study On Price Behavior Of Stock Market In China Based On Trading Volume And Stock Price Analysis
5. Study Of Modern Portfolio Theory
6. Efficiency Of Capital Markets: Theoretical And Empirical
7. Chinese Stock Market Non-competitive Equilibrium And Institutional Change Research
8. Stock Prices, Information And Capital Allocation
9. The Third Board Market Trading Mechanism
10. Capital Pricing Theory, Research, And Its Application In China
11. Efficient Market Theory And An Empirical Study On The Weak Form Of Efficient Market Theory In China's Stock Market
12. Analysis And Application Of Weak-form Efficient Market Hypothesis In Chinese Stock Market And Agricultural Portfolio
13. An Empirical Study On Capital Re-organization And Semi-strong Market Efficiency In China
14. Research Of Theory And Application Of Capital Assets Pricing Model
15. Empirical Analysis On The Efficiency Of Chinese Stock Market
16. Behavior Finance And It's Application In The Stock Markets In Our Country
17. Study On The Efficiency Of China's Stock Markets
18. The Calculation And Empirical Analysis Of A Risk Management New Method-VaR Of Financial Market
19. The Analysis Of The Insider's Trading Behavior
20. The Controversy Between EMH And Behavioral Finance
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