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1. A Study On The Security Of Chinese Military Culture In The Era Of Globalization
2. Local Competition And Regionalization
3. Study On China's Agricultural Trade Under Economic Globalization
4. The Strategy Research Of Economic Development On"Stand Inside,Improve Outside"in Western China Under The Economic Globalizotion
5. The Industrial Structure Regulation & Industrial Policy Research In Economic Globalization
6. A Study On The Problems And Countermeasures Of China's National Economic Security During The Process Of Economic Globalization
7. Institutional Innovation: A Fundamental Choice For China's Economic Security In The New Structure Of International Relations In The Globalization Era
8. The Problem Of The Chinese Industries Security Under The Conditions Of The Economic Globalization
9. Securities Market Regulation: Experiential Analysis And Theory Frame
10. Study On The Development Issue Of The Middle East Women After The Second World War
11. The Cultural Analysis On The Nomocracy
12. The Study On Non-Governmental Organizations Under Globalization
13. Cross-culture Management In Circumstances Of Globalization
14. The Managerial Comparison Between Enterprises Of China And Korea
15. Economic Globalization: Development Trends And China's Countermeasures
16. World History And Globalization: Contradiction Analysis Of Development Of The Contemporary Global Society
17. Game Business Cycle Theory : A Research On Synchronization And Non-synchronization Of World Business Cycle
18. A Study Of The Harmonization Of The Model Of Corporate Governance
19. Research On Local Operation And Transnational Operate About Small-and Medicm-scale Enterprises Of Taiwan--Use As Transnational Operate Of Demonstration, About Go To Vienam's Hardware Work F Taiwan
20. Financial Globalization And Banking Reconstruction
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