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1. The Government Responsibility In Constructing The Social Credit System
2. On Dworkin's Jurisprudence Concerning The Rights Of Minority Group
3. The Government Responsibility Of Rural Social Security
4. Study On The Governmental Responsibility Of Protecting Socialvulnerable Groups In Chinese Transformation Period
5. Study Of The Issue On Remedy Of Right To Education
6. Research On The Medical Care Security System Of Regional Urban And Rural Coordination
7. Study Of Contemporary Chinese Government Responsibility
8. Contemporary Chinese Government Pursues A Force Responsibilities Governance
9. Volunteerism Failure And Its Correction Of Government Responsibility
10. Research On Government Responsibility Toward Good Governance
11. On The Jural Predicament And Outlet Of The Realization Of Our Government Responsibility
12. Study On Legal Issues Of Government Credit
13. Construction Of Responsible Administration In Our Country From Three Perspectives
14. Studies On Administration Asking Responsibility System
15. On The Administrative Cost Of Our Government
16. Peasant Workers Scarcity And Government Responsibility
17. On Our Country's Governmental Responsibility In The Transition Period
18. Study On Government Responsibility In Legal Aid
19. Government Responsibility Analysis Of Rural Workers' Legal City Rights In China's Present Situation
20. By Under State Of Emergency Administrative Relative Person's Right Protection
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