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Keyword [guarantee of human rights]
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1. The Research On The Guarantee Of Chinese Prisoners' Human Rights
2. The Research On The Chinese Prisoners' Human Rights
3. The Prosecution Of Human Rights Protection To Research
4. Correspondence Between System And Ideas: The Realities Of Principle Of Legality In China
5. Probe Into Questions About The Abuse Of Criminal Detention
6. On The System Of Administrative Assistance
7. Studies On Guarantee Of The Human Rights Of The Accused
8. Research On International Guarantee Of Human Rights
9. The Guarantee Of Human Rights In The Post Criminal Investigation Of Our Country Some Problem Pre-tests
10. On The Range Of Case Applicabletic Monitoring
11. Research On The Restrictive Mechanism Of The Public Prosecution Power
12. Research On Guarantee Of Human Rights In Civil Compulsory Execution
13. On Questioning In The Investigation Of Criminal Suspects The Protection Of Human Rights
14. On The Restructuring Of Pre-trail Detention System In Our Country
15. Study On The Supplemental Investigation System
16. The Compare Of Proseecutor-Police Relationship Between China And South Korea
17. Some Study On Torture
18. The Procuratorial Power Under Human Rights Protection
19. The People's Supervisor System Is Discussed
20. Consummate By The Crime By Taking Advantage Of Duty Detection Precautionary Measure And The Legislation
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