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1. Study On The Theory Of Criminal Transgression
2. Comparative Research On Nature Of Crime
3. Interpretation Of Unrechtsbewu╬▓tsein In China's Context
4. The Analysis About Chinese Listed Corporate' Behavior Of Preferring Stock-right Financing
5. An Analysis Of The Concept Of Personal Dangerousness
6. The Crime Concept In Criminal Jurisprudence Of Our Country
7. A Study On Questions Of Circumstances Of Adjudgement In Criminal Law
8. The Study On Legal Control On Tobacco Harmfulness
9. Dialectics Of The Theory Of Social Harmfulness
10. A Study On The Theory Of Personal Dangerousness
11. Reasons And Containment Way To Inquisition By Torture
12. The Research Of Extorting A Confession By Torture And The Measures Of Prevention In China
13. The Foundation Of Sentencing
14. The Research On Personal Danger
15. Research On Consciousness Of Illegality
16. Criminal Irregularity And Social Harmfulness Relations Between The Reasonable Construction
17. Research On The Illegal Consciousness
18. On The Overcoming Of Formalism Of Ideological Political Work
19. Rethought On Punishment Of Embezzlment
20. The Research On The Harmfulness Of Prerogative Interest Group With The Angle Of Politics Development
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