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1. Research On The Implementation Of Government Autonomy In National Autonomous County Under The Background Of New Countryside Construction
2. A Comparative Study On The Implementation Mechanism Of International Commercial Arbitration Awards
3. A Study Of Hu Yaobang And The Misjudged Cases Of Violence In The New
4. A Study On The Publicity Strategy Of The Communist Party Of China
5. A Study On The Investment Strategy Implementation Model Of Foreign Invested Enterprises In China--Based On VTech's Practice And Exploration
6. The Study Of Matching Theory Between Information Platform And Management Platform And The Measurement Of The Capability In ERP Project
7. Study On Basic Theoretic Issue Of Land Use Planning
8. Research On The System Of Standards For Fresh And Processed Fruits And Vegetables
9. Study On Theory And Method Of Process Management Of Manufacturing Enterprise Imformatization Implementation
10. Customer Satisfaction Implementation Decision Based On QFD
11. On The Founding And Implementation Of The "Guided" Learning Organizations In High-tech Enterprises
12. Research On Implementation Strategy Of Mass Customization In Automotive Manufacturing
13. The Organizational Implementation Of Innovation In Information Technology
14. Research Of A Configuration Model Based On Component And Its Platform Implementation
15. Research Into Reforming The System Of Administrative License In China
16. Interest Games In The Process Of China's Public Policy Implementation
17. Protection Of Pharmaceutical IP By TRIPS Agreement And The Developing Countries' Policy Options
18. Research On Development System Of International Seabed Area Resources
19. The Research Of Incentive And Implement Of Government Reformation Based On Institution Change Theory
20. A Research On Dynamic Process Of Commitment Transformation In Cross-Sector E-Government Project Implementation
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