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1. The Development Trend Of New Media And Its Influence On Values
2. Student Politics And Its Influence On Political Development
3. Nehru 's Indian Diplomacy
4. The Construction Of The New Chinese Government System And The Soviet Factor (1949-1954)
5. The Evolution Of American Principle Of Maritime Navigation And Its Influence On The Development Of US Navy (US Founding - The End Of World War
6. Research On The Influence Of Water Conservancy Investment For Promoting Function To National Economy
7. The American Influence Upon The Sino-Japanese Relationship In The Asia-Pacific Region After The Cold War
8. Research Outlook And Cooperative Mode Of China-Korea Agricultural Product Trade Under Frame Of WTO
9. Review And Analysis Of Sino-Soviet Debate
10. Studies On The Quantitative Analysis Methods For Forest Ecotourism System And Its Applications
11. A Study On The Inter-Influence Of Technical Progress And Economic Growth
12. The Research About The Influence From The Amphitryon's Trade Environment To The Foreign Direct Investment
13. Study On International Competitiveness Of Soybean Industry Of China
14. An Economic Efficiency Analysis Of China Dairy Farms
15. Research On The Influence Of Domestic Support On Peasants' Income
16. Environmental Influence Assessment Of Land Use Planning And Its Economic Analysis
17. Study On The Mechanism Through Which Openness Influence Institutional Change And Effects Of China's WTO Accession On Institutional Transition
18. A Study On The Influence Of Countryside Senior Citizens' Social Capital To The Quality Of Life In Impoverished Area
19. The Study Of Taiwan Politics Transition And It's Influence On The Inter-coastal Relations
20. German Classical General Theory Of Private Rights And Its Influence On The Construction Of Civil Law System
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