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1. Research On The Judicial Identification Management Systems
2. Analysis On The Offence Of Insider Dealing And Leakage Of Inside Information
3. Research On The System Of Judicial Identification In Our Country
4. The Identification Of Light Quality Mineral Oil For Judicial Case
5. On The Civil Judicial Identification
6. Judicial Identification Of Medical Accident Expert Conclusion
7. On The Commit Composition And Judicial Identification For The Commit Of Duty Occupation
8. Research On The Reform Of Our Criminal Identification System
9. Several Reflections On Judicial Identification
10. A Survey On The Perfection Of The Criminal Identification System In China
11. On The Surplus Behaviors In Complicity
12. Several Problems On Judicial Identification Of Crime Of Accepting Bribes
13. Research On Several Questions Of The Crime Of False Bankruptcy
14. Research On Issues Of Judicial Determination Of Bribery Crime Of Non-national Public Servant
15. On Some Problems Of Bribery Judicial Identification
16. A Comparative Study Of The System Of Technical Advisor
17. Studies On The Relevant Problems Of Crime Of Releasing The Person Held In Cusody Without Authorization
18. Research On The Repeated Authentications In Criminal Procedure
19. The Reformation And Improvement Of The System Of Judicial Identification Of Our Country
20. Crimes Of Judicial Identification Held
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