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1. Reconstruction Of Domestic Water Right System
2. On WTO And Administrative Legislation Of China
3. On The Administrative Legislative Concept On The Premise Of Knowledge Economy
4. The Analysis Of The Legislation Matters Of The Insurance Fraud Crime
5. Improvement On China's Pardon System
6. The Research Of E-waste Legislation In China
7. The Legislative Research On Unit Recidivism
8. Improve The Legislative Concept Of The Matrimonial Property System In China
9. Increase Of Guilty Of Legislative Issues
10. Analysis Of The Legislative Concept Of People-oriented Marxism
11. The Research In Revising The Tax Collection Administration Law
12. The Improvement Of The System Of Traffic Police Enforcement
13. Defect And Reconstruction Of The Contribution System Of Software Copyright In Our Country
14. On The Juristic Perfection Of Adult Guardianship System In China
15. The Research On The Local Government’s Legislative Norms In The Perspective Of Risk Society
16. Legal Principle Analysis About Privilege Of Silence
17. Research On Legilation Of Medical Record Managment In Medical Institutions In China
18. The Development Of The Concept Of Legislation In China’s Criminal Law
19. Research On The Perfection Of Fine Penalty Legislation In China
20. A Comparative Study On Criminal Legislation Of Food Safety Crimes Between China And Korea
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