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1. Try To Study The Reform And Consummation Of Individual Income Tax Law Of Our Country
2. The Studies Of Chinese Electronic Commerce Lawmaking
3. Study On The Disclosure Duty System
4. Regulate The General Principles Of Civil Financial
5. Legislative Principle Of Personality Rights
6. Study On Chinese Food Recall System
7. The Research About Ethic Values Of The Legislative Principle
8. On Legislation Of Value-added Tax
9. Research On Legislative Principles Of Pollution Rights Trading System
10. The Analysis And The Legal Regulation Of The Coal Miners’ Security Protection
11. The Research On Legislative Principle Of Marriage Qualification
12. Research On Land Law Of Qingdao During The German Occupation Period
13. Research On The Legislation Of Value Added Tax In China
14. The Improvement In The Quality Of Legislation In The Context Of Comprehensively Promoting The Rule Of Law
15. The Research On Guardianship System Of Minors
16. Research On Legilation Of Medical Record Managment In Medical Institutions In China
17. Study On System Of The Powers And Functions Of Rural Land’s Property Right
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