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1. A Study On Efficiency Of Ownership Structure For Listed Companies In China
2. The Study Of Protection Of Minority Shareholders
3. A Study Of Sina-Korea State-Owned Enteriprise Reform And Protecting Of Minority Shareholders
4. The Research On How To Protect The Minority Shareholders Of Objective Company In The Acquisition
5. The Legal Protection Of The Minority Shareholders In England And US
6. A Study Of Company Law On Regulation Of Connected Transaction In China And Foreign Countries
7. A Study On The Appraisal Rights
8. A Study On The Fiduciary Duty Of Controlling Shareholders
9. Law Protection To The Benefits Of The Minority Shareholders In Listed Companies
10. The Study Of Protection Of Rights Of Minority Shareholders In Corporation
11. The Research On The Proxy Solicitation System
12. Study On The Legal Problems Of Corporation Governance
13. A Study On The Protection Of Minority Shareholders' Rights And Interests In Takeovers Of Listed Companies
14. On The Judicial Relief To The Minority Shareholders' Interest During Tender Offer
15. Research On Protection Of Minority Shareholders In Taking Over List Company
16. Protection For The Minority Shareholder's Rights
17. Legal Protection Of Minority Shareholder's Rights In Stock Corporation
18. The Protection Of Minority Shareholders In M&A
19. Corporate Division And Protection Of Minority Shareholders
20. Mandatory Takeover Bid System Of Listed Corporations
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