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1. The Construction Of Samuel Williston's Theoretical System
2. The Subjectivism And Objectivism Of Criminal Law
3. On The Unification Of The Subject And The Object In Criminal Law
4. Crime Subject Of Engaging In Self-seeking Misconduct In Objectivism
5. The Subjectivism Of The Criminal Law
6. On Methods Of Criminal Interpretation And The Applying
7. Ideal Of Interpretation Of Criminal Law Under The View Of Principle Of Legality
8. Inspecting The Double-track Penalty System In The View Of The Objectivism In Crime Theory
9. The Subjectivism Of Criminal Law
10. Research On The Personality Criminal Law And The Conviction Mechanism
11. On The Procuratoration Safeguard Under The Constitutionlism
12. On The Elements Of Indirect Intentional Desire
13. Objective Perspective Occasional Defense Of Qualitative Research
14. From Objectivism To Open The Law Explained
15. On The Teleological Method Of Interpretation Of Criminal Law
16. The Study Of Non-accomplishment Crime
17. The Only Consequences On Criminal Justice Issues
18. Discussion On Impossible Attempt
19. Research On Relationship Between Subjective Elements And Illegal Judgment
20. Reflection On Behavioral Theory In Criminal
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