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1. Study On Logistics Support Network Path Planning Based On Quality Of Service
2. Study On Path Planning Of Logistic System Based On Multiple AGV Systems
3. Study On Path Planning Of Automatic Logistic System Based On Multiple AGV System
4. Research On The Key Technology Of Military Transportation Command System Based On Bei-dou Positioning System
5. Research On Path Planning Approaches Of Anti-ship Missile Based On Geometric Model Optimization
6. The Development Strategy Of Aging Service Industry In Shanghai
7. Emergency Management Oriented Research Of Individual Behavior Modeling Of Macro Travelling And Micro Movement
8. Research On Path Planning In Troop Mobility
9. Design Research On The Armed Police Escort Service Path Planning System Based On Heterogeneous VANET
10. Research On Mission Planning & Attack Decision-making Under Incomplete Information For Multi-UAVs
11. Research On Group Path Planning Based On Multi-agent
12. Application And Research Of Personnel Security System
13. Research On Dynamic Evacuation Simulation Considering Disaster And Avoidance Psychology
14. Research And Implementation Of Beidou Public Security Patrol System Based On Cuckoo Algorithm
15. Path Planning Method Based On Deep Reinforcement Learning And Its Application
16. A Method Of Object Positioning Based On Monocular Vision And Its Application In Crowd Evacuation Path Planning
17. Research Of Tasking-oriented Path Planning Method For Optical Networks
18. Construction And Research Of Emergency Evacuation Model For High Density Crowd
19. Fire Inspection Path Planning And System Implementation Based On Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
20. Multiple Bee Colony Algorithm And Its Application In Crowd Evacuation Simulation
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