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1. Review And Resonsideration: Communist Party Of China Anti-peaceful Evolution History Inspection (1949-1992)
2. Poland's Socialist Evolution Factors
3. "Color Revolution"-A New Round Of Peaceful Evolution And China's Responsive Policies
4. A Research On The Safe Problem Of Chinese Socialist Ideology
5. From The "Color Revolutions" To See US Peaceful Evolution Strategy
6. The Analysis About Deng's Thought Of Preventing "Peaceful Evolution"
7. The New Exploration Of Mao Zedong's Thought And Practice Of Anti-Peaceful Evolution
8. A Study Of Mao Zedong' Thoughts About Protesting Against "Peaceful Evolution"
9. The Political And Ecological Construcyion Of China Under Color Revolutions' Warning
10. Mao Zedong To Prevent "peaceful Evolution" Thought
11. Thought Of Mao Zedong "training Successors To The Proletarian Revolutionary Cause
12. New Era Communist Party Of China To Prevent Peaceful Evolution Of Thought
13. The Game Between "Peaceful Evolution" And The International Communist Movement
14. Youth Mao Zedong's Thought And Its Revelation
15. Research On How To Prevent Peaceful Evolution Of Youth In New Period
16. A Study Of The Ideological Problems In The Disintegration Of The Soviet Union
17. Research On The Anti-rightist Ideology Of The Socialist Construction Exploration Period (1956-1966)
18. Mao Zedong's Anti Peaceful Evolution Thought And Its Contemporary Value
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