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1. Research On Soft Power In China
2. Neighborhood Space, Institutional Competence And Community Governance Performance In The Context Of Social Transformation
3. American Public Diplomacy (1945-2011) From The Perspective Of Performance
4. Studies On Organizational Structure And Economic Performance Of Tea Industry
5. The Research On Optimizing The Natural Monopolistic Lndustrial Organization In China——Take Water Supplying,Gas Supplying Through Pipeline,Railway Transportation, Electric Power And Telecom Lndustrial Organizations As Examples.
7. The Relationship Of Board Of Directors' Equity Structures And Shareholders' Pledge Factors With The Business Risk And Performance: The Evidence From Taiwan Stock
8. Approach Of Relationship Between Diversification Strategy And Economic Performance
9. Research On BPR-Supporting Technologies For Discrete Manufacturing Enterprise
10. A Research On The Mechanism And The Performance Appraisal Of Green Marketing
11. A Research On The Development Of Entrepreneur Human Capital And Its Relationship With Enterprise's Performance
12. On China's Petroleum Industrial Organization
13. On The Trading Cost System Of China's Securities Market
14. Reasons And Performance Of Industrial Institutional Change
15. Theoretical And Positive Study On The Relationship Of Corporate Governance And Corporate Performance In Transformation
16. On The Performance Evaluation And Efficiency Analysis Of Firms
17. The Theory And Approach Of IT-Based Enterprise Strategic Management Platform
18. Leaders' Competency-Based Corporate Diversification Strategy
19. The Function And Performance Of Patent System: An Incomplete Contract Approach
20. Study On Satisfactory Optimization Of ITS Dispatch Management System And Adjusting Train Diagram
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