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1. On Presumption Of Fault
2. Researches On Principle Of Liability For Special Torts
3. Presumption Regulation
4. Presumption Of Fault In Criminal Law
5. A Comparison Of The Cognizance Of Tortious Liabilities In Cases Of Things Thrown Off Buildings Between P.R.C. And U.S.A.
6. Study On The Safety-guard Obligation In Public
7. The Civil Liability Undertaking Of The Minor's Torts
8. The Research Of Tortious Liabilities In Cases Of Things Thrown Off The Buildings
9. On The Strict Liability Of Criminal Law
10. Road Traffic Accidents Rethinking Responsibility
11. The Study Of Damages System Of Marital Relations
12. Study On The Rationality Of Strict Liability
13. Study Of Rights And Obligations On Document Shipper Under Rotterdam Rules
14. The Case Analysis On Civil Liability For Minor Students Injuries On Campus
15. The Legal Analysis Of Liabilities In Damages Caused By The Thrown Objects Off Buildings
16. The Research About Infringement Of Unknown Objects Thrown Or Fell From Buildings
17. On Strict Liability Of The Criminal Law In This Country
18. Tort In The Application Of The Principle Of Presumption Of Fault
19. Research On Schools' Liability In CamPus Injury Incidents
20. Research On The Application Of Strict Liability In Criminal Law Of Environment
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