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1. On The Presumption Of Innocence Right
2. Pending Custody System
3. Detailed Analysis Of Judicial Justice And Several Questions,Which Influence Judicial Justice In Procedure System In China
4. Basic Research On The Crime Of Holding A Huge Amount Of Property
5. Research On The Crime Of Holding A Huge Amount Of Property With Unidentified Sources
6. Presumption Regulation
7. Principle Of Presumption Of Innocence In The View Of Evidence Law
8. Neutralization Of The Judge In Chinese Criminal Procedure
9. Discourse Upon "Leniency To Those Who Confess Their Crimes And Severity To Those Who Refuse To"
10. The Silence Right System In The Visual Field Governed By Law Is Studied
11. On Withdrawn Confession
12. On The Strict Liability Doctrine In The Anglo-American Criminal Law And Its Adoptability In The Chinese Criminal Law
13. The Study Of "in Dubio Pro Reo" In Criminal Procedure
14. The Essence & Juridical Practice Of Wahlfeststellung
15. A Study On Criminal System Of Pretrial Detain
16. On The Doctrine Of The Presumption Of Innocence
17. Logical Analysis Form Of Presumption Of Innocence
18. Presumption Of Innocence And Revolution
19. On The Selective Determination In Criminal Law
20. Legal Analysis On Human Rights Protection Of Criminal Suspect In China
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