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1. Risk Analysis And Risk Control Of Venture Capital
2. Incentive Mechanism, Incentive Effect And Performance Of Stock Option Contracts
3. Corporate Governance: Theory, Modes And China Listed Companies' Practice
4. Theoretical Analysis And Emprical Study On The Practice Of Export Rebate In China
5. Delegation Decisions Based On Agent's Behavioral Motivation
6. Research On The Investment, Profit And Incentive Of Enterprise Technology Innovation
7. Factor Liberalization And Implicit Incentive Of Managerial Labor Market
8. A Research On Structuring And Measuring Emergency Management System Of Public Health
9. A Study Of Entrepreneurs Performance Evaluation And Their Incentive Mechanism
10. Study On Behavioral Firm Theory Based On Overconfidence
11. A Study On Decision-Making Models Of Military Project Construction
12. Research On The Incentives Of The Insurance Intermediaries Principal-Agent Legal Institution
13. Researche On Strategies And Methods Of Market Power Regulation In Electricity Market
14. A Study On The Principal-agent Mechanism Of Venture Funds
15. The Game Theory Analysis Of Chinese Commercial Banks' Governance Mechanism
16. Research On The Social Contractual Relationship Between Science-technology And Politics
17. State Property Is The Principal - Agent System
18. Entrepreneurs To Research, Incentive And Restraint Mechanisms
19. Company Securities Investment Funds, Corporate Governance Structure
20. Diversification Strategy Of Listed Companies In China And Its Dominant Variable
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