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Keyword [public service innovation]
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1. Research On Value And Path Of Citizen Participation In The Public-Service-Oriented Innovation
2. The Research Of The Public-service-oriented Innovation Of The Local Government In The Market Economy Condition
3. Study On The Public Service Innovation Based On Knowledge Sharing
4. Research On The Innovation In Government Management Of Public Services Toward The Value Implications
5. In Central China County Government Public Service Innovation Research
6. Research On The Innovation Of Government 's Public Service In Web2.0
7. Research On Public Service Innovation In The Context Of Mobile Government
8. Research On Zhejiang Local Government Public Service Innovtion
9. Research On Public Service Innovation In Cloud Government Era
10. A Creative Research Of Public Service In Social-media Era
11. The Research Of The Rural Social Governance Innovation At This Stage In China
12. Study Of M-government Construction And Public Service Innovation
13. The Flow Of Public Service:Innovation Way Of Supplying Public Services In Ethnic Frontier Regions
14. Trade Union Education Training Under The New Angle Of View Of Public Service Innovation Research
15. Local Service-oriented Government Construction In The Perspective Of Policy Diffusion
16. Research On The Chinese Government Procurement Of Public Service Innovation Diffusion
17. Study On The Influencing Factors Of The Creation Mechanism Of The Innovation Of Standardized Public Service
18. The Generative Mechanism Of Local Public Service Innovation Based On Process Model
19. Construction Of A Mobile Public Service System:A Typological Analysis
20. The Dilemma And Strategy Of The Revitaliza Tion And Development Of S Village In Shunc Hang County
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