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1. A Study On Climate-Behavior Relationship And It's Moderators In National Enterprises And Public Utilities
2. U.s. Public Utilities Regulatory Reform Of Legal Systems And Our Inspiration
3. Government Regulation, Government Functions And The Efficiency Of The Supply Of Public Goods
4. The Transformation Of The Mode Of Operation Of Public Utilities In The Context Of Institutional Change Research
5. Guarantee Administration: Study On The Public Governance Model Of Public Utilities
6. Legal Regulation Of Publiy Utility Abusing Monopoly Power In China
7. The Research On The Formation Mechanism And The Management Methods Of Price Of Public Utilities In Guangdong
8. The Research On Water Supply Pricing And Positivism Analysis
9. The Legal Regulation Of The Monopoly In Public Utilities
10. Privation Of The Public Utilities And Regulation By The Government
11. Discussion On The Pricing Mechanism Of Public Utilities
12. A Study On The Antitrust Exemptions Of Public Utilities
13. Policy-Selection In Public Utilities Sector Reform Under The Impact Of Globalization
14. The Discuss On The Market-Featured Refrom For Urban Public Utilities In China
15. Public-Private Partnership In Public Utilities And Equity Financing In Our Country
16. Privatization And Governmental Regulation
17. Analysis Of The Franchise Institution In Public Utilities
18. The Arrangements Of Debt Financing In The Development Of Public Utilities
19. Regulation On Standard Contracts Of Public Utilities
20. Study On National Indemnity Liability Of Damages Caused By Public Utilities
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