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1. Hominological Interpretation On Modern Ideological And Political Education
2. The Humanity Of The Modern Ideological And Political Education Of Basic Research
3. Study On Ethical Thought In German Ideology
4. "Realistic Individual" Is The Key To Solving The Riddle Of History
5. Study On Ethical Thought In Anti-Dühring
6. The Concept Connotation And Developmental Logic Of Marx's "Individual"
7. Marx's Theory Of Exchanges In The "self" And "otherness"
8. Marx Individual Thinking Research
9. Max’s Thought On "Realistic Individual" And Its Practical Significance
10. The Study On "Realistic Individual" In The Horizon Of The Marx’s Human Theory
11. The Thought Of "Realistic Individual" In "the German Ideology"
12. On Karl Marx’s Idea Of Human’s All-round Development In German Ideology
13. Study On Marx’s Theory Of Realistic Individual
14. Research On The Spiritual Life Of Contemporary Chinese From The Perspective Of Media Culture
15. Marx Realistic Individual Thought And Its Contemporary Significance
16. The Research On Marxs Thought Of Human Development In german Ideology
17. The German Ideology Reserch Of Humans All-round Development Thought
18. The Research On Marxs Theory Of Civil Society In German Ideology
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