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1. EU External Relations Agency System: Institution And Power
2. Discourse Practice And Changes In Ethnic And State Relations
3. A Study On The Changes Of Contemporary Chinese Parliamentary Relations
4. Lenin 's Thought And Practice Of Russian - Chinese Relations
5. China 's Asian Strategy And Sino - US Relations (2000-2015)
6. The Unit, Link And Operation Of The International System
7. China 's Rise And Security Dilemma In Sino - Japanese Relations
8. Likud Group And Israel - US Relations
9. Synthetic Literati Control: A Challenge To Huntington 's Military - Political Relations Theory
10. EU Policy On Ukrainian Policy
11. A Study On The Role Of Ideological And Political Work In Closer Relations Between The Party And The Masses
12. A Study On The Regulation And Change Of Ethnic Relations In China 's Social Transformation
13. Research On Sino-Korea Economic-Trade Relations' Development And Trendency
14. Study On Lenin: Inter-relations Between Law And Economy
15. Hegemony & Hegemonic Theory Studies
16. Institutional Innovation: A Fundamental Choice For China's Economic Security In The New Structure Of International Relations In The Globalization Era
17. A Research On New Confucianism Management Value Of Instrumental Human Relations
18. A Research For The Contemporary Russia-Indian Relations: From The Psychological Character Perspective
19. Overseas Chinese And International Relations In The World-Systems: A Historical Analysis And Reflecting
20. A Study On Changes Of China Fiscal Relations Between The Central And Local Governments_Based On The Conflict Between Centralization And Decentralization
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