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1. Economic Responsibility Auditing Research
2. Study On Motivations Of Enterprise Merger & Acquisition And Precautions Against ITS Risks
3. Research On Financial Leasing And Its Non-system Risk Precaution
4. Study On Risk Precaution And Handling Of Venture Capital Company In China
5. Research On Operation Mechanism Of Virtual Enterprise
6. The Reform Scheme Design Of HRM For Xiangjiang Company
7. Structure Optimization & Risk Precaution Of The Security Market
8. Study On The Precaution And Resolutions Mechanism Of Commerial Bank's Credit Risk Of China
9. Discusses To Implementation Of Sustainable Tourism
10. Research On The Knowledge Sharing Risk In The Virtual Enterprise
11. Analysis And Innovation Of Real Estate Financial Risk
12. Import And Export Food Safety Risk Precaution And Quick Reaction Mechanism
13. The Theoretical And Practical Research Of Risk Management Of Automobile Credit
14. Credit Guarantee System Comparison Between Chinese And Western And Guarantee Risk Precaution Mechanism Research In China
15. Research On Legal Responsibility Of Logistics Service Provider And Risk Precaution
16. Research On The Risk Precaution And Relief Of Factor In The International Factoring System
17. Letter Of Credit Fraud And Risk Precaution And Law System Research Of Civil Relief
18. The Research On The Legal Risk Of The International Factor
19. Research Of The Precaution Of Legal Risks In The Commercial Real Estate Mortgage In China
20. A Research On The Law Of Mortgage Of Pre-selling Commercial House
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